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Dr. Ripper's Multiplex No.1

A lunatic asylum/multiplex, is visited by a violent teenage couple and a small child they are babysitting. After commiting a few violent acts against staff and customers at the multiplex, they decide to watch a lovely children's film featuring firearms and foul language. However, the small child they are babysitting, Trixibelle, has lost her teddy, and decides to go looking for it....with disasterous results. (Adults Only)

Dr. Ripper's Multiplex No.2

"Once upon a Nightmare part 1" (1 of 2)
A small village terrorised by werewolves and vampires, are visited by a mysterious stranger on a stormy night. He explains that he is from the local lunatic asylum/multiplex, and he has a monstrous tale to tell them of a small creature named Picklebum Grumblemuffin, who caused death and destruction at the cinema in question just two nights before. (Adults Only)

Praise for Dr. Ripper's Multiplex

This made me laugh out loud on the bus and even I believe drew the attention of the woman sat next to me.

I thought it was excellent stuff, a marvelous contradiction between cute and dark.
Darren Worrow, author of "Rat Arsed and Shit Faced".

In a word: Strong.
Darren Schroeder, Silver Bullet Comics.

I have to say this was one of, if not the, funniest comic book that I had read in a long time.
T. Bodman.

The humour here isn't subtle, but that won't stop you laughing.

Your comic is fantastic sir. On behalf of the Sick and Twisted Society of Maidstone, please keep up the good work.
Green Daisie.

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